Bird supplies, bird food, bird cages, bird feeders & more for every feathered friend.

Bird supplies aren't just for your finches and parakeets! Unlike your average bird store, Bioaquastic allows you to find supplies for your chickens and other favorite feathered backyard visitors. Keep your pet bird happy wherever they live by getting them everything they need to keep their song strong and healthy.

Needs and preferences vary by species, size and age – food and toys designed for small birds like finches will not satisfy larger pet birds like parrots. We offer a wide variety of food to suit the nutritional needs of any pet bird you can imagine. Tasty treats also offer a fun way to reward and train your pet bird – use them to punctuate a balanced diet. You can also set up feeders or hummingbird food to attract wild visitors to your backyard or porch.

If you're looking for a home for your domestic pet bird, cages also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Remember to choose your bird's habitat based on the needs of their species and their flight patterns. Then customize them with supplies such as feeders, toys, cages and other available accessories. From flight cages and desktop habitats to play-top cages and chicken coops, we have the right home for every flighty fowl. Browse Bioaquastic wide selection of bird and chicken supplies and discover a beautiful and healthy way to create the perfect habitat for your pets.


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